Samantha Holmes supports slow fashion, sustainable living and ethical trade.


Cruelty Free. Each item is handfinished by skilled artisans in Peru. Your purchase sustains the livelihoods of families and homeworkers who make for us in poorer communities and protect a fragile tradition that stretches back thousands of years to Pre-Incan times. Alpacas are free to roam throughout the Andes and fur used from alpacas in Samantha's products are fur of alpacas that have died of natural causes. The younger, weaker animals often perish in the harsh Andean winter. Alpacas have not been killed for their fur. A life expectancy for an alpaca is 15-20 years promising a lifetime of shearing potential of far greater value to a farmer in this region than killing for fur. 


Adjustable with invisible elastic inside.  Spruce up a pair of gloves for extra warmth. 


Samantha Holmes founded her design label in Scotland in 2003 as an ethical lifestyle brand, specialising in natural, handcrafted clothing, gifts and home textiles beautifully made by our artisan studios in Peru using softest alpaca. Alpaca was once prized by Inca nobility for its unique buttery softness, durability and exceptional insulating properties. The ranges are stocked by independent boutiques all over the world.


Cruelty Free. Alpaca Fur Cuffs - Oyster / Black

Alpaca Fur Cuffs


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