Reusable, washable unsponges in a mix of the bee design fabrics.


Available in green, blue, white or black. 

A reusable kitchen sponge (unsponge) made with two layers of towelling, a pretty cotton layer and stuffed with scraps of towelling.

These are perfect for washing the dishes and when you think it needs a clean just throw it in the washing machine, ready to reuse again and again.

The towelling is hard wearing and textured which is perfect for removing those stubborn food remains.


By Mummy's Marvellous Makes:


As a Mum to three little ones, I became very aware of the amount of waste we were creating as a family, so I started to create products that allowed me to reduce my waste.The business has grown from strength to strength as the world has started to consciously take note of their effect on the environment.


Woman Owned

Made in UK


Bee Kitchen Unsponges - Re- usable