The From Belo Gold Fran Belt Bag is part of the Alma collection. This sustainable statement making Belt bag is made out of plastic bottles, fabric offcuts and decommissioned seatbelts.


There’s never a dull moment with Fran, the lady responsible for the quality control of our bags. She is always full of energy and so much fun to be with! That is why our funnest belt bag is named after her.

Versatile and practical, the Gold Fran Belt bag an incredibly useful wardrobe staple for day trips, holidays, and of course, partying. It can be worn in multiple ways: wear it as a belt bag, a sling bag or a crossbody.


In addition to the wonderful kindness this bag already provides La Pomme will donate a further 10% of the profits of every bag to to provide support to survivors of bereavement by suicide. 

Gold Fran Belt Bag - Made from Recycled Materials. 10% Proceeds to SOBS