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This beautiful natural cotton macrame indoor hanging planter with pot is lovingly handmade right at our studio in Dundry, Bristol. Each piece is made with love, joy and most of all patience!

This macrame indoor hanging planter is made with 3mm natural cotton cord.

This macrame piece measures around 140cm in length and around 14cm wide. The width being the size of the pots in the photo. These pots aren't included with this listing.


The macramé piece may vary slightly to the photo due to its handmade nature.


About Euroa Design

I come from a town in Victoria, Australia. We moved over to the UK in 2014.

Over the years I tried my hand at so many different handcrafts hoping I would find something that I truly enjoyed. Not just something to fill time or just something to do when I felt I needed to be productive.

When I was about to give up entirely after so long of trying to find my 'thing', I thought I would give one last handcraft a try. Macrame!

The first piece I made was filled with frustration, anger, stress and an aching back!! It took me so long, error after error, pulling out time after time and starting all over again. However, I was persistent, I needed to finish at least one piece and be happy with it. What I thought would take me an hour or two, ended up taking me a day or two. But I didn't give up. Finally I had completed my first piece and the outcome impressed me. I actually did it, I completed a macrame piece and I was actually proud of it. I had to make more. I made piece after piece, I couldn't stop. Always thinking about what I would make next, challenging myself more and more. It was then I realised... I found my 'thing'!!!

Macrame makes me happy, brings joy, satisfaction and relaxation. I wanted to share my pieces with others.

When it came to naming my shop the word Euroa sprang to mind.

Euroa comes from an Aboriginal word in the old local dialect meaning 'joyful'.



Macrame Planter - Bohemian Home Decor Indoor Planter (pots not included)