The Mini Nilza is not just a day-to-day handbag, it is your best friend! Taking the weight off your shoulders with its strong but elegant seat belt straps, the Nilza tote bag is tough and durable by nature and able to carry more than could ever seem possible – much like the woman who inspired it, Dona Nilza – the founder of our partner charity “Casa de Maria”.


Every Mini Nilza Tote has been handcrafted from decommissioned seat belts by our team of incredible artisans in Belo Horizonte Brazil. Like most things, it’s the inside that counts, and the Mini Nilza won’t let you down! Once you open up the zip on top, you’ll find an organised heaven inside with 3 pockets on one side – built to fit your phone, wallet and power bank – and then the other side has a zipped pocket to keep everything that needs to be a little bit more secure and safe.


The Mini Nilza saves 400g of cloth, 8 plastic bottles and 10 metres of decommisioned seatbelts from landfill. In addition to this it provide 4 meals for Casa Del Maria Charity partner. 


In addition to the wonderful kindness this bag already provides La Pomme will donate a further 10% of the profits of every bag to to provide support to survivors of bereavement by suicide. 

Mini Black Nilza Tote - Made from Recycled Materials. 10% Proceeds to SOBS