** Limited Stock - currently available in small only (UK 8-10) 


Recycled Cotton Denim Trousers
Fabric : 30% post-consumer jeans, 30% cotton leftovers, 40% lyocell (Infinit Denim fabric)
Dyeing with REACH products, in a sustainable process by its low use of energy and water.
Size: S/M/L
Colour:  Denim Blue


UK Size Guidelines

Small: 8-10 



Miu Sutin is a brand for women with authentic, original, timeless and limited edition collection. We offer elegant garments, chic and bohemian and made to last. Miu Sutin means in Quechua “to sell the truth”, which perfectly defines our project: ethical, ecological, social, respectful of workers and consumers and of environment. We use ecological fabrics, some with GOTS certification, others made under fair trade conditions, dyed with ecological or eco friendly dyes. Our garments are made in local and social insertion manufactures.


Recycled Cotton Denim Trousers