By Pokito


Whether you’re rushing to work, heading to the gym or embarking on an active adventure, carry your spill-free pokito. Meticulously designed to hold all hot and cold drinks.

When pokito is empty, just fold it down and slide it into your pocket or bag and carry on with your day without the hassle of carrying around a heavy reusable cup.


Pops into 3 sizes - Grande, Medio and Espresso.


About Pokito. (UK)


Pokito is… Environmentally sustainable after just 15 uses. Not reliant on tree plantations just for your cuppa. Tested up to 1,500 uses Made from recyclable materials. Why Pokito? There are literally thousands of reusable cups on the market so why bother inventing a new one? Well, simply put, the vast majority aren’t being reused. Market researchers commissioned by the City of Toronto asked consumers why that was. Mostly people thought that existing reusable cups were ok in the car but were too heavy or bulky to be carried around if you’re on foot. The existing collapsible cups weren’t very practical either as they tended to be too small or too unstable or poorly insulated.

Reusable Collapsible Coffee Cup – Cherry / Pumpkin / Raspberry / Blueberry

Reusable Collapsible Coffee Cup


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