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Premium microfibre, lightweight yoga travel mat or towel topper


The inspired by nature, the Tropicana Orchid Yoga Towel Topper is a luxe printed yoga towel topper or travel mat, made from velvet soft mircrofibre and non-slip rubber beads on the base, perfect for placing on top of your yoga mat.


To enhance the slip-resistant qualities of the fabric if you plan to stand on the towel, spray with water to dampen before each additional use.



– Folds up small to easily carry with you on the go

– Can be placed on top of an existing mats that you are issued at a yoga class, or can use on the floor

– Can be used as a towel post-workout

– Absorbent & quick-drying.

– Eco, lightweight material, produced for durability.

– Designed for light to medium perspiration.

– Tightly woven fibres provide a soft, suede-like feel.

– Hand & machine washable – do not tumble dry.



Measuring 183cm x 61cm

Weight 500gms (1lb)

Tropicana Orchid Microfibre Yoga Towel Topper



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