Join the truthpaste revolution! Each carefully sourced ingredient has its own health benefit from whitening your teeth to fighting bacteria that can affect your teeth and gums. A perfect addition to your plastic free bathroom and a mouth feeling as fresh as if you had just come from the dentist. Anit-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are harnessed in the natural botanical oils. Clean teeth, clean ingredients and a clean conscience.

Designed with little teeth in mind, suitable for the whole family. Minty monsters will love cleaning their teeth with Mild Mint truthpaste Kids. Handmade with Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Mild Mint to leave little teeth clean and healthy!

Great for you: Strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Each ingredient has its own health benefit. Bold flavours for a strong smile. Truthpaste protects your whole mouth and the fresh feeling like you’ve just come from the dentist!
Great for your conscience: 100% cruelty free and zero – waste
Great for the planet: 100% natural and sustainable products are used to make
Great for your mouth :Each and every one has been researched for the benefits to your oral health.
*Certified Organic
Δ Certified Fairtrade
° Naturally Occuring in Essential Oils

truthpaste Kids: Mild Mint 120g