Yoga can be practised anywhere by anyone. The yoga mat is your home, returning to it every day is enriching and empowering.

 We are sure you will love this yoga mat bag as much as we do. Now you can swing your mat over your shoulder and get on the road with style. The Yoga Mat Bag features an Eye Pillow pocket that also fits an iPhone 7 Plus, wallet and a notebook. (By the way, I often bring a notebook to yoga classes for writing down inspirational notes and quotes). There’s also space for a travel towel and a fresh set of clothes.

 This is the ultimate Yoga Mat Bag made from a sustainable natural fabric which makes it strong and durable with a stylish screen printed inner lining.

 Size 75cm x 20cm x 20cm

 Sold without yoga mat, eye pillow and phone!

Yoga Mat Bag - Mindful Jungle